Outsource your warehousing and order fulfilment to experts

All 3PL services under one roof – warehousing, pick & pack, despatch, and returns management

Changing order fulfilment in New Zealand

Most third-party logistics companies are only set up to handle pallets. At Stocka we recognised a need for order fulfilment at item level, accurate and efficient pick and pack and fast nationwide distribution. Stocka provides services for medium and large businesses that need reliable and consistent order fulfilment. We are also the perfect partner for businesses that want to start or expand in New Zealand as Stocka does not require any long-term contracts, making it easy to trial your business over here.

Speed and efficiency of order fulfilment matters to your customers

Speed and precision of order fulfilment provide a major point of difference within any industry. Our distribution centre is fine-tuned to act as your own warehouse and or stockroom, dispatching orders quickly and accurately. Simply connect your online shop and inventory management platform to our warehouse and we’ll get your product out to New Zealand customers.

Meet the team

Daniel Wotherspoon
Product Manager
With 10 years of experience in various roles at Freightways, including operations, sales, IT, and product, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge to his current position. As the product manager, he manages the core of Stocka's business and is responsible for its roadmap for growth. Daniel is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the service, the teams, and what Stocka offers to become the best 3PL company in New Zealand. He has picked up Stocka when it was a small corporate startup and has grown it 10 times larger over the past year. Daniel's professional philosophy is centred around creating value for customers, and he genuinely cares about creating products and solutions that customers not only love, but truly need. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys camping and fishing, reading non-fiction books to learn as much as possible, doing mechanical work on cars, designing and developing software from a business perspective, and playing guitar and piano.
Nathan Kyriacopoulos
Business Development Manager
With over a decade of experience in setting up and establishing global sales channels for various companies, Nathan is a valuable asset to our team. His job involves understanding our customers' business requirements and providing affordable and efficient 3PL solutions, which allows them to enter the New Zealand market directly. Nathan is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with our clients. Aside from his professional background, Nathan is also a devoted full-time dad, serving as a taxi driver, chef, housekeeper, teacher, and entertainer for his family. His personal interests and hobbies revolve around spending time with his loved ones and creating memorable experiences with them. Nathan's passion for family, paired with his extensive experience in the industry, makes him an ideal fit for the Stocka team.
Service Delivery Coordinator
With a wealth of experience as an Operation Coordinator at DHL logistics and having co-owned a retail store for a decade, Ramona brings a diverse skill set to our team. Her primary focus is not only on promptly addressing any issues that may arise but also on proactively identifying their root causes and challenges. Ramona believes in fostering proactive support, building strong relationships, and continuously improving our services to help our clients achieve their goals and facilitate their growth. Embracing change and innovation, she constantly seeks new opportunities for our organization's advancement as well as personal development. Outside of work, Ramona's love for learning and exploring different cultures, traditions, and FOOD is evident. She is renowned for her mastery of Samoan cuisine, although she admits a preference for her husband's Pakistani dishes.
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Driven by Freightways

Stocka is part of Freightways Group which has over 50 years of logistics experience in New Zealand. We understand how important it is to get the right product to the right customer, on time.

As a Freightways brand, Stocka gives you access to:

  • Competitive rates across one of NZ’s largest freight networks.
  • Freight options for small or large deliveries, and urgent ones when needed.

Get 3PL that accurately picks, packs and delivers your orders