Returns management that works for your business

Maintain a great customer experience throughout the returns process

Return courier labels supplied
by Stocka

All returned goods are assessed for damages and potential resale

Returned items are handled as agreed: returned to you, resold or destroyed

Take the hassle out of customer returns

Organising a courier to collect a product for exchange or return is time-consuming. Not to mention the fact that you have to check the product for damage and make a call whether it’s good for resale. While returns are an inevitable part of selling a product, with Stocka 3PL you will have less hassle –  as we’ll organise a return label for the customer, and check the condition of the returned items.

We organise collections, check items for damage and return the stock to your inventory

Everything from arranging the courier to coordinating the collection will be done for you. Stocka 3PL works with a wide range of industries, so we are experienced in assessing whether returned products are good for resale. We work with you to establish your quality standards and handle your returned stock. So, whether the item is returned to you, restocked, or destroyed, you can be sure it will be handled correctly.

Never worry about quality checks or organising pickups for returned items again

Work with us to establish your return standards

We'll arrange the collection of your returned items

Item is inspected and dealt with as agreed

Additional services you need to outsource your logistics

Secure warehousing for your products


Secure warehousing for your products

Connect your online store with our warehouse

Ecommerce Integration

Connect your online store with our warehouse

Accurate pick, pack and despatch

Pick and Pack

Accurate pick, pack and despatch

We manage any returns in accordance with your policy

Freight Options

Competitive pricing and handle all the freight

What our clients say

Returns are an important part of order fulfilment

Knowing that your returns are being handled as per your agreed policy will not only ensure you have satisfied customers who are more likely to return, but it will also leave you with more time and energy to spend on other key parts of your business.

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