Supplement 3PL Fulfillment

Stocka 3PL provides full visibility over inventory and orders for your supplement store

See your inventory in real time

Live tracking of your order status

Over 99% accuracy on orders

First in, first out inventory control

Businesses often struggle to keep track of when certain batches of product turn up. This can result in older stock sitting on the shelf, while the more recent stock gets moved first. We understand that supplements have a shelf life and despatch them on a first in, first out basis

Get marketing materials shipped with your orders

In addition to despatching your products, we can also incorporate flyers, brochures, coupons, samples, or any other promotional items that endorse your products. Integrating marketing collateral enables you to increase brand recognition, foster customer engagement, and stimulate repeat purchases.

Get accurate despatch for your supplements

Integrate your supplement store with our WMS

We'll accurately despatch your orders as they come in

Items arrive at your customer's door

What our clients say

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