One giant leap for Plyco

When Australian company Plyco were looking to expand overseas, New Zealand was an obvious choice. Find out more about Plyco, how they made the leap to establishing an ecommerce business in New Zealand and why they chose to work with Stocka 3PL.

About Plyco

Plyco is a family-owned manufacturer, distributor and retailer of timber-based panel products. Operating for almost 20 years throughout Australia, Plyco has two physical stores, in Melbourne and on the Mornington Pennisula, and ship Australia wide. Their ecommerce store launched in 2016 with the added offering of a niche plywood product range aimed at artists and hobbyists. This range saw a steady growth online with sales exploding during COVID, a time when sales of arts and crafts products boomed worldwide.
Image of Heath Garvey from Plyco

Expanding the business

Following the growth of their niche plywood range Plyco began looking to expand overseas. New Zealand was a natural fit offering a similar culture, no language barriers, similar consumer habits, ease of shipping and a stable economy.

The first question was where to begin! Plyco began talking to stockists in New Zealand, but conversations stalled. Then while talking to an Australian 3PL company Plyco were referred to Stocka and received the breakthrough they needed.

Connecting with Stocka

From initial contact with Stocka the process was incredibly smooth. They provided exactly what we needed and explained clearly how 3PL would work. The customer service team have been fantastic from the start.

Plyco also considered other fulfilment options including Amazon and Shopify fulfilment, but these are not available in New Zealand.

How has working with Stocka benefitted Plyco

Building strong and enduring partnerships is essential for success, especially when you are looking to expand into a new market. For Plyco working with Stocka has been as good as they hoped and easier than they thought! Plyco have also been impressed with the NZ wide shipping available via Stocka, which has provided their customers with a great experience. The speed of delivery available across both the North and South Island from Stocka’s partners has also opened their eyes as to what could be possible within Australia!

Tips for businesses moving into NZ

It’s not difficult to get started. The key is to start the conversation and think about what implementation would look like. Many businesses think that it's a difficult process, but once you know what products you want to sell and have tested the market, it’s easy.

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